Angel Juicer

The Angel Juicer, with its unique slow revolution motor at 86 RPM, prevents oxidation and maintaining live enzyme.

In addition to juicing all fruits and vegetables, the Angel can grind grain, soybeans, coffee beans and nuts!

The Angel’s twin gear system is unique, delivering truly awesome squeezing power that penetrates inside the hidden plant membrane to bring out the full enzyme, vitamin and mineral content, extracting all the juice and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. This most intact nutrition extracted after delicately crushing the vegetable fibres type of nutrient plays a significant role in the regeneration of diseased cells in the body.

The calcium that is contained largely in the cellulose within the stems of the plants is one of the most important ingredients in the human body. The manufacturer claims that the Angel is the only juice extractor in the world that can extract not only live enzyme calcium but also seed juice by the method of seed juicing extraction.

The Angel also removes more than 90% of pesticides on the surface of Fruit and Vegetables; it does this by binding them to the waste pulp fibre. No juicer (except the very expensive Norwalk) even comes close to the squeezing power of Angel.


Feeding Chamber: 42mm
Box Measurement: LxWxH = 55x26x37cm
Weight with Box: 12 kg.
Motor Warranty: 5 years
Parts Warranty: 3 years
Commercial Use: 6 months warranty

3HP[Horse Power] grinding force
Easy to assemble
Easy to clean
Dishwasher Safe
Low Noise:, Very Quiet Operation.
Highest Quality in design & construction.


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