BL30 Stainless Steel Manual Juicer

BL30 Stainless Steel Manual Juicer

A quality manual juicer. Extra efficient wheatgrass, fruit and vegetable juicer. At last, one of the best manual juicers in the world, which does all tasks very well. Pulp does not prematurely build up blocking the strainer, as long as a good mixture is chosen.
New Feature: a blank strainer has been added which allows this unit to homogenise or puree, to make nut butters including peanut butter, or even banana ice cream. The possibilities only limited by the imagination. Built to last, with a 5 year warranty.This unit does most things that an electric juicer will do. The BL 30 will produce one glass of juice in 5 minutes from a mixture of carrots, apples, wheatgrass, leafy greens, parsley and cucumber, whilst retaining the absolute maximum of antioxidants due to a very slow crushing speed.

One of the few juicers that squeeze so slowly, so that it can produce one of the best juices. Quick and easy to clean.

Too many sloppy fruits must be avoided, as this does tend to cause strainer blockage. Manual juicing becomes an art, and when better combinations are selected, the unit performs at it’s best. Juicy sloppy fruits are best mixed with other more solid fruits or vegetables.

Using blank plate supplied, for homogenising, try almonds + figs, raisins + nuts, then roll in coconut. (Soak nuts overnight).

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