Divine 16L Automatic Fill Water Distiller


Divine 16L Automatic Water Distiller

  • Distilling Capacity: 16 litres / 24hrs*
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 15 litres
  • Size: 45cm High, 35cm Wide, 27.5cm Deep
  • Shipping Weight: 15.5kgs
  • Electrical: 220/240 Volts – 900 Watts – 50 Hz

Divine 30L Automatic Water Distiller

  • Distilling Capacity: 30 litres / 24hrs*
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 24 litres
  • Size: 45cm High, 46cm Wide, 30cm Deep
  • Shipping Weight: 17kgs
  • Electrical: 220/240 Volts – 900 Watts – 50 Hz

Divine 48L Automatic Water Distiller

  • Distilling Capacity: 48 litres / 24hrs*
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 40 litres
  • Size: 55cm High, 49cm Wide, 33cm Deep
  • Shipping Weight: 21kg
  • Electrical: 220/240 Volts – 1,200 Watts – 50 Hz

Distillation is a process when water is boiled the steam rises and when it is cooled, the water vapor converts back to pure water. Distillation duplicates nature’s process of purification of water. In a controlled situation such as boiling water and cooling quickly in a catchments storage tank or container, the process of cleansing occurs, removing waterborne biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, organic and inorganic minerals, chemicals, heavy metals, volatile gases etc. Distillation purification removes more than 99.8% of all contaminants, thus producing a very high quality of water. Independent Laboratory testing proves that technologically advanced water distillers such as Divine are effective at removing greater than 99.8% of all contaminants.

Divine Water Distillers are designed with advanced technology incorporating many safety features with effective automatic system, yet with the most simplicity to maintain and operate.

We are most impressed with Divine Water Distiller for many reasons some of which are:-

A) very simple to install / operate,

B) very efficient and very reliable, minimal maintenance is only needed,

C) only very minimal maintenance required

D) plenty of spare parts available with superb after sales service,

E) truly a very good value for money equipment that last for years after years

In Brief

The Divine Water Distillers come equipped with everything that is needed to connect to your water supply. A complete set of connectors are supplied to cater for most tap fittings. All auto Divine units also come with a pre-carbon filter that filters any tiny chunks of heavy metals that may flow through with tap water. This is to prevent the tiny chunk to be logged onto the solenoid to prevent it from closing. Although this is very rare to occur, nevertheless the manufacturer provides the pre-carbon filter. During the boiling process, the chemicals in the water at boiling temperature turns into volatile gas and escapes into the tiny hole in the first part of the cooling coil. A very small percentage may follow the distilled water into the reservoir tank and that’s where the post-carbon filter is used to neutralize the taste to provide pure water taste.

The filter is good for an average of 5,700 litres of water and depending on the frequency of your usage of the Divine distiller it could last you between one and one and a half year. Changing one pre-carbon filter is very economical. Divine auto Distillers come with a  pre-carbon filter as well as post-carbon filter charcoal as well, which is the final stage of the water purification process. A sachet of coconut charcoal accompanies each distiller and will last two usage or 5 to 6 months (each change is recommended for each two and a half to three months). Coconut Charcoal in sachets or containers can be purchased either at the time of purchase of a new Divine or can be purchased at a later stage.

The Divine Water Distiller has a circuit board type of circuitry which makes any repair so much simpler than other automatic water distillers. The Divine distillers boast of a simple and practical modern design where it has NO mechanical floats and NO float seals. Other old fashion design automatic water distillers that have these mechanical floats and float seals often are the cause of distillers to leak, fail or create problems. Detection of water level in the boiling chamber and holding tank is done by sensors, thereby eliminating the possible failures of floats, seals mechanical switches that are common in many automatic distillers. Further there is plenty of room for easy access to the electrical connectors thereby servicing the water distiller could not be simpler. The Divine comes complete with the stainless steel boiling chamber on the top, and the stainless steel storage tank below for the purified water, and is virtually assembled. Installation is as easy as three steps. One; attach the faucet on the front by hand as no tools are needed. This faucet with sight-glass shows how much water is contained in the storage tank. Two; unscrew one screw at the back of the unit to attach the pre-carbon filter and slot in the post-carbon filter that sits on top of the storage tank. Three; attach an incoming water line to the distiller with the sturdy white water tube and also tee-pipe connectors supplied.

Very easy to install compared to other automatic water distillers. Drain valves are already installed on the Divine water distillers, and practically no plumbing is required. Just follow the simple installation instructions which accompany the unit.

As in most distillers the Divine also has a pin opening vent in the cooling coil for volatile gases to vent. The fan for the cooling coil is protected with a shroud to prevent the fan blade from knocking the coil during freight of the unit.

*Based on a 24hr continuous distilling cycle.

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