Lexen Dehydrator

Lexen Dehydrator

Make healthy, delicious snacks.
Dehydrate fruits, vegetables, beef jerky and fish with stackable rings that allow you to expand the capacity of your Lexen Dehydrator.

Using the Lexen Dehydrator you can also make yoghurt, steam vegetables and seafood and cook rice or other grains.

Prepare food perfectly every time with a temperature control and digital timer that lets you choose the optimal settings whether you are dehydrating fruits, making yoghurt, steaming your dinner or cooking rice/grains.

Prepare healthy meals for the whole family

  • Make healthy snacks such as dried fruit and beef jerky
  • Make yoghurt for a delicious breakfast, snack or dessert
  • Dry home made pasta or herbs fresh from the garden
  • Steam vegetables and seafood for healthy, nutritious meals
  • Cook rice and other grains, such as barley
  • Save time and money with this multi-purpose appliance

Superior Design

Structured to allow uniform airflow over each tray for optimal and even drying
Convection air applies indirect heat preserving enzymes and flavour for delicious and nutritious food
Stackable rings let you expand the capacity of the dehydrator to dry many fruits at once or steam whole fish

Lexen Dehydrator

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