Lexen Mincer & Pasta Maker

The Lexen Healthy Mincer and Pasta Maker makes a great addition to any kitchen! Its affordable, small, easy to use and has countless uses. It is the most versatile devices you can have around! Not only can you grind and mince your own meat, sausage and veggie burgers but you can also make three different varieties of pasta!

Lexen Mincer & Pasta Maker

In addition you can make mounds of ground cheese for pizzas and tacos in seconds. Grinding nuts and vegetables is a breeze. Make yourself homemade salsa and tomato sauces too!

This unit is another great product by Lexen Products who also makes the Healthy Juicer, Healthy Sprouter and Electric Healthy Juicer.

Pasta Maker – Makes 3 Different Types of pasta!

Linguini attachment
Spaghetti attachment
Rigatoni attachment
Meat Grinder / Fish / Veggie Burgers – the best of both worlds!

For the meat eaters – grind fresh meat! Great for hunters and people who don’t trust the bacteria infested grinders at the grocery stores. Makes great sausage as well. Also grinds fish.

For the vegetarians – make tasty veggie burgers in minutes

Seed and Nut Grinder

Great for grinding small seeds, nuts and such.


Stainless steel blade
Stainless steel grinding plates
Multiple uses in one machine
Small, lightweight and compact
Easy to use
Easy to clean
1 Year Warranty

Stainless steel blade
Coarse grinding plate
Medium grinding plate
Small grinding plate
Sausage attachment
Wrench / pusher
Linguine attachment
Spaghetti attachment
Rigatoni attachment
Waste bin

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