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Zen Chi Aerobic Foot Swing Massager

A Japanese Doctor of medicine has for the past 38 years been researching the functions of the movement of Oxygen in the human body. He discovered that when people lie down on their backs and move their feet from side to side (like the action of a fish tail, when swimming) the movement will result in supplying extra oxygen to the cells in the body.

Resultant from his research into the Oxygen (Foot swing) Massager, he discovered that the foot position had to be of a certain height, swing frequency (about 140 times per minute), and with a smooth swing movement of about 36 to 38 mm to give optimum medical benefit to the person using it.

The good Doctor also discovered that when exercising strenuously, like that of a professional sports person, more oxygen is actually exhaled than oxygen inhaled. It is general acknowledged that professional sports people have a shorter than average life span of 70 years. It seems that the strenuous type of exercise pumps oxygen to reach some parts of the body quickly, while leaving a severe lack of oxygen in other parts. This may accelerate the degeneration of internal organ and muscle.

Exercising less strenuously means inhaling more oxygen than is exhaled, a more preferable state. Some of the examples of less strenuous exercises are Yoga, Chi Gong and Tai Chi.
These exercises are most effective in achieving greater inhalation of oxygen than exhaled. After these forms of exercise one feels robust, energetic and vigorous, as increased blood circulation helps to purify the blood.
What is more, without the stress of strenuous exercise, the heart is unstrained and there are no side effects of tiredness.

His intensive research, discovery and subsequent design of the foot swing oxygen massager proved so successful that his Oxygen foot massager has been licensed as a medical appliance by the Department of Health in Japan. Many hospitals in Japan have had excellent results with patients using it as a medical appliance for clinical treatment and for boosting health resilience.Using the oxygen massager for about 15 minutes has the same exercise value as walking about 6 km.

Ongoing research into the Oxygen massager effects has revealed that it improves blood circulation and relieves the symptoms of many disorders, including arthritic pain, digestive imbalance, stress, back pain, insomnia, nervous tension, menstrual pain, weight problems and many other degenerative diseases.

According to Dr. Samuel West in his book ‘The Golden Seven Plus One’, “Every cell generates ‘an electrical field’. It is an actual ‘electrical generator’.

Lack of oxygen or excess sodium will reduce the electrical energy provided by the cells and will damage or even kill them. Trapped blood proteins produce both of these conditions.

Anything that will produce excess fluid and excess sodium (Na+) around the cells can cause them to ‘drown’ from lack of oxygen and will upset the delicate sodium-potassium balance in and around the cells. Excess fluid or excess sodium around the cells will damage or kill the cells and cause the various health problems that HUMAN BEINGS may experience.

Dissipating or removing the trapped or clustered proteins will help relieve pain, speed up the healing process and possibly reverse injury or disease by proper and correct use of various methods and types of equipment. Using the oxygen massager regularly is a safe way to dissipate or remove trapped or clustered proteins.

An area of particular interest to women is the period following confinement when weight gain usually occurs. One or two weeks after birth, use the Oxygen foot swing massager daily, and the womb will be helped to contract thereby quickly helping her to regain a slender figure.

These oxygen massagers are easy to use.

Before you start, consume about half a glass of warm or room temperature water (distilled if possible). This is an important factor in any exercise for body hydration. Allow yourself to be in a relaxed and calm condition. Start with a five minute session (the machine has a timer) and as the days pass gradually increase the duration of use as your fitness & energy increases.

At the end of the session, the machine’s timer will switch off the machine. Continue to relax for a few minutes more, lying on the floor, and during this time you should feel a rush of energy and a sensation of relaxation.

We carry only top quality oxygen massagers. All machines come with a 12 months warranty.

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