Angel juicer model 5500 pre-loved for sale

The reason the Angel juicer is for sale is the owner, an elderly lady, is frail and finds the Angel juicer too heavy for her to move.

We have tested her Angel juicer and can confirm that it is in perfect condition. In fact the accessories, such as the juicing screen/hopper, the twin gears and all the other accessories are good as new.

Angel juicer is made in Korea and truly is a very tough juicer and very well appreciated in the world by people who are really looking for a top cold-press juicer. It is easy to google the benefits of using an Angel juicer to juice your fruits and vegetables. Angel juicer boasts of their ability to extract live enzymes out of the fruits and vegetables other juicers cannot match. Angel juicer manufacturer claims the juicer extracts many more times calcium and magnesium than other juicers. They claim there is no other machine on the market that can match the juicing ability of the Angel juicer.

We are helping her (Elizabeth) put her juicer for sale online and therefore please contact her directly to negotiate the price with her.

She lives in Sydney and her contact details are:

Phone: 02 8745 0078
E-mail address:

The asking price for the Angel juicer is only: $1,445.
This price includes Brand New (Has not been used) Nut grinding extractor/housing (Price$350)

The nut crushing extractor is brand new and has not been used at all. The other parts & accessories such as juicing twin gears, juicing screen, stainless steel juice container have only been used once as explained earlier that the elderly lady is very frail and she did not know that the Angel juicer is too heavy for her and she is unable to handle it.